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Demolition Continues at BLOC

Final demolition at BLOC is underway. The recent demo removes vacant retail buildings, allowing
construction to start on the heated, underground, and above-ground parking. With more green space,
walkability, and outdoor areas, BLOC adds a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood feel to our community.

What’s Next?

The BLOC is a five-story, mixed-use building developed to revitalize a section of South University. Located
at the corner of South University Drive and 17th Ave South. This project offers an exceptional 16,000 SF of
retail space and 127 high-end apartment units in the heart of Fargo.
Great States Construction is excited to contribute to the revitalization of a historical area in Fargo. BLOC
will not only provide needed housing with proximity to Sanford and Essentia but also provide great
commercial space for future businesses. Some commercial tenants will have an outdoor patio and drive–
thru capabilities.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2025.